12 Christmas Gifts That Would Boost Your Creative Biz

Christmas entrepreneur

Several years ago I needed to transition from a free website template to a REAL website built for business. That Christmas season when my wife asked me what I wanted her to get me, I asked her to give me the money for a year of hosting. You are on that site today! When that Continue Reading →

Who Can Help You Get Published? These Folks Can


Do you have a “Book In You”? Don’t know how to get it published? Help is here! Write2Ignite is a group of publishing professionals who help people find their way on the often confusing road from idea to published work. Although Write2Ignite’s initial focus was designed for those who write for children and young adult’s Continue Reading →

Confused About Your Purpose? Start With Your PAIN

What If

I once heard my pastor say “The first stage to purpose is pain.” It took me a moment, but then I got it! The following came to me from a creative person’s point of view: How many times have you felt a void? How many times did you feel there was something missing in your Continue Reading →

Need To Promote Your Art? Use Good Old Fashioned Postcards

postcard pagesFRONT

In this age of new media I’m often guilty of overlooking old fashioned tools that still work! Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield reminds of 8 methods that still pay of hen using postcards to market your creative business. Alyson mentions how you can: Advertise products Offer classes and workshops Promote your website Go to Alyson’s Continue Reading →

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