Why the Devil Wants Your Talent


Why the Enemy Wants Your Talent : Is your art, writing, dance, music or any other creative talent a threat to the kingdom of darkness? Here’s a short 2 minute clip on why the enemy wants access to your creative talent. What power do YOU have that he wants?         (Special thanks Continue Reading →

Stay At Home Mom Launches T-Shirt Business About Being ‘Happy’


Take a look at how a stay at home mom with a positive vision turns her creativity into a REAL business! Kristen Laroy, owner of Growing Up Happy Designs, shares with our friend Jamarcus Gaston of Studio 62 how she launched her line of t-shirts and brand all about being happy!  

Creative Questions: Trademark? Websites? Biz Licenses for Freelancers?

question mark

I’ve recently gotten quite a few great questions from many of you, especially questions from the Creative Entrepreneur. With that said, I wanted to answer as many of them as possible and share them here because it’s usually a question others here have wondered about, too! GOT A QUESTION? Get it to me using one Continue Reading →

The DARKSIDE of Creativity: Worry vs Imagination


Guard your gift. The enemy will try to use your God given abilities against you. Here’s what I mean: You are creative. You have an incredible ability to see the unseen, to create images in your mind that give life to things we can’t see. The dark side of that creative ability is that you Continue Reading →

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