What Is the Culture War and How Do Christian Creatives Fit in It?


I was recently asked, in reference to a previous post, what I meant by “culture war”. Here’s my interpretation of The Culture War and how I believe we creatives fit within it: Culture is defined as: “The behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought, especially as expressed in Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why Artists Need Their Own Websites

artist website

I came across a very simple but informative article with 8 reasons why artists need their OWN website. Yes, their are many resources and services that allow artists to have a web presence…BUT LET’S BE HONEST: If you REALLY want to go from being a “hobbyist” to truly approaching your talent as a viable source Continue Reading →

What Do You Think of My New Character?

ebg painting CLOSE UP

I THINK I FOUND HIM! I’ve finally developed the character to be the center of my upcoming book “GOD’S 7 KEYS FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE”. Meet “Edward B. Garrett”, an artisan from the the early 1900’s…searching for God’s direction for his creative talents in a fast changing society. Thoughts?

3 Methods of Making Money This Christmas for Creatives

gift basket

If you want to have the BEST Christmas ever for your business this year, try these 3 concepts: Market to the GIFT GIVER Think about the challenges that YOU often have as a gift giver, and get your audience’s attention by helping to SOLVE those challenges. Challenges like: 1.    What to buy the person that Continue Reading →

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