3 New Downloadable Cellphone Wallpapers


Hope you enjoy and are inspired by my latest downloadable cellphone wallpapers and lockscreens. As you can see, the theme is “joy”, something that many we know need more of! Download to your phone or SHARE with someone that needs to hear this…(just click and save to your phone for FREE!)

Poll: Christian Artist or Artist that is a Christian? What’s the Difference?


Several years ago I wrestled with the thought that to declare myself a Christian, every bit of my creative work had to be about Christianity, the bible, the gospel message or even have a hidden Christian symbol within it…because I was now a Christian artist. I often felt that some work I wanted to do Continue Reading →

Nickelodeon Debuts Animated Same Sex Couple


An example of how Creatives are significant: Writers, artists, animators, producers, directors, etc use their collective gifts to introduce the network’s first ever bi-racial gay couple. The couple, Harold and Howard McBride, are voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald and will appear on The Loud House, a cartoon which centers around the life of Continue Reading →

Are Christian Creatives Being Called to a ‘Culture War’?


A while back recently asked, in reference to a previous post, what I meant by “culture war”. Here’s my interpretation of The Culture War and how I believe we creatives fit within it: Culture is defined as: “The behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought, especially as expressed Continue Reading →

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