Guiding Your Kids’ Talent without Going “Joe Jackson” on them


Q: How does a parent who recognizes the talent that their young person possesses guide and encourage without being a “Joe Jackson” (father to the late Michael Jackson, often sees as overbearing) Now that Mothers’ Day is behind us and Father’s Day is around the corner I wanted to get your take on this question. Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes: Wardrobe Inspiration for my Book’s Character


Take a look at the classic, historic fashion that inspired the wardrobe for my character Edward B. Garrett in my latest book ‘God’ 7 Keys for Creative People’. Whether you are a writer, artist, singer, musician, dancer, speaker or any other creative…this brief, but informative read explores 7 biblical principles that help you answer the Continue Reading →

Are Christian Creatives Outsiders in Their Own Churches?

artist manequin2

Caught Between Two Strange Worlds Many Christian creatives are living between two strange worlds. The visual artists, painters, dancers, writers, are often set apart from their colleagues in their creative circles because of their Christianity. Yet often, these same “outsiders” can be seen as outsiders again when it comes to finding their place within their Continue Reading →

Mom Removes Makeup from Bratz Dolls

Bratz Dolls Rehab

Being the father of 3 girls, I’ve never liked the look of those “Bratz” dolls. Take a look at this quick video of how Australian mom, Sonia Singh gives these discarded dolls a new lease on life:

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