3 Income Streams for Comics and Graphic Novel Creators

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Some of the most hard working artists and writers I’ve known have been comics/graphic novel creators. Many strive for the success of working with one of the major comic publishing houses or seek the success of sales from their own book. I want to share what may be hidden income potential that my comic/graphic novel Continue Reading →

2 Proven Ways to Find Time to Get Stuff Done

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You’ve heard me say this quite often: People today have more distractions, more interruptions and less time than ever before. So it’s no wonder that finding the time to grow your creative business is a struggle. And often, trying to connect with potential customers, current customers and everyone in between can be a challenge with Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Make Money From Your Book Concept …Without Selling the Book

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This video was done quick and on the fly because I felt I HAD to get the in formation to you quickly! Take a look and then do a version on your own. Do a couple of versions! You’ll see you’ll tap into a lot of cool ideas that we’ll pass on to others!

This One Practice Helps Creative People Control Their Day


I have noticed that many of you are like me. We are all time starved. We have more distractions, we have more interruptions and we have less time than ever before. Here’s one quick and easy, simple step that I try to use daily that saves time for me all day and helps me get Continue Reading →

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