How Should Creatives Prepare for 2015?

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So important I had to PULL OVER to share it with you! This is so important I had to pull over on the side of the road and capture it! I’ve been sharing this all over the web, so I MUST make sure my ALFG family hears my heart, too!

Want to Get Something Done That You Keep Putting Off? MAKE IT PUBLIC

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I‘ve been dabbling with a book idea for years now. I’ve finally decided to launch it in March of 2015. But to keep this idea from joining the many I’ve put off, I’ve started posting little things about my progress each week. I’ve been telling hundreds of people about it using tools you know. First Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Advance the Kingdom by Mastering Media

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HOW DO WE ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD? One sure fire way to do it is to harness and master the power of modern media! No other time in history have the people of God had the ability to broadcast to the WORLD from ANYWHERE, anytime and for little-to-no cost! You can either: LISTEN TO Continue Reading →

Tony’s Gift Giving Picks: “What Do You Do With An Idea?” the book


This book hides under the guise of being written for the young, but it engages a question that creative entrepreneurs have ALWAYS wrestled with: ‘WHAT DO YOU DO WITH AN IDEA?” Watch my video below to see why I think you need to give this book to others for Christmas! Be sure to place your Continue Reading →

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