See My LIVE Sketch Party Sessions (time-lapsed)

sketch party2

Take a look at my latest LIVE STREAMED sketch sessions (time-lapsed for your convenience!) JOIN THE PARTY: Bookmark this page to see the next one LIVE: Edward B Garrett from ‘God’s 7 Keys for Creative People’ from Tony Snipes on Vimeo. LIVE SKETCH PARTY video clip from Tony Snipes on Vimeo. Alien Go Home Continue Reading →

What Should Creatives Do Now that the Culture is Changing?


With the recent changes taking place in our culture today, I felt as if our creative talents are now more important than ever before. I prayerfully sought God’s presence. I believe this is His answering back To all the Creatives, those of you who have accepted the Call to follow Jesus the Christ: 1. GET Continue Reading →

Your Calling, Career and Your Job: What’s the Difference


How do you know what you were BORN to do? How do you determine WHY you have the talent and skills you were born with? Discovering the difference between your CALLING, your CAREER and your JOB sheds light on this subject. Listen now or later, whether you’re home alone or on the go:

Talent versus Spiritual Gifts: What’s the Difference?

talent vs spitual gifts

LISTEN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: God has given you a bundle of things that equip you to fulfill the unique assignments sent your way. That bundle includes natural TALENTS and SPIRITUAL GIFTS… ¬†Talents and Spiritual Gifts ¬†How they differ: Although both come from God, you are born with talents (unique abilities). Spiritual gifts come after you are Continue Reading →

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