An Untapped Revenue Stream for Creatives: TEACH What You’ve Learned

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 Q: What did the little ol’ home based piano teacher from back in the day know that many creatives don’t know in today’s modern age? A: That you can make a REAL business by teaching what you do as well as making what you do! It’s challenging trying to generate a steady income from your Continue Reading →

CASE STUDY: Do You Really Need a Facebook Biz Page? (Audio)


This is my continued case study of the role my Facebook business page played in one of the most significant meeting I’ve had all year! Do you really need a Facebook business page even if you already have a personal profile page? This quick listen also shares at least 2 proven best practices designed to Continue Reading →

Download My Free Radio Show: Listen On the Go

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You’ve spoken, I have delivered! Many of you told me you’d connect more if I provided more audio tips, pointers and insight. Click here to connect with the ALFG Radio Show:

Does Not Having a Website Matter? (Audio)

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Does Not Having a Website Matter? What if you just have a Facebook page? Is that enough? Here’s a quick, first hand case study that let’s you know if having a website makes a difference at all. Listen Here:

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