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  1. I like B. It says fresh, vibrant, fun and alive! I also like the original. It says fun and happy times.

  2. Ok, I am 24. The only reason I tell you that info is b/c I saw several post saying “we are from the older generation”. I am an artist as well and seriously, B is awesome! I like it better than your original and much better than A. Hope I helped

  3. like post 6, do some more research. I really didnt care for either of the 2 choices. To be honest I wouldnt even change it, but if youre looking for a fresh new look, keep looking. There are some really nice fonts out there.

  4. Tony, I,m just now checking my emails after a few days of of the computor,okay okay it’s been more than just a few days.But,have I got a logo for you.I’ll share it with you on Sunday.

  5. I like the b version. It has a impact visually more than the first one. A strong sense of power. Geared toward a younger crowd seeing their senses are so bombarded with all thats out there. God Bless you in your ventures for our Lord and Saviour

  6. I like your original design the best, but version B is good too! I think the younger generation will like B and I think your original looks more sophisticated:) So whatever look you are going for, there is nothing that says you can’t change things up for year to year. Best Wishes on your decision!

  7. I like the original. The other two dont really look like “K’s” and could easily be mistaken for something else. If you choose not to go with the original – my first instinct was to like B better – but the more I look at it – the more I think it does not represent what you are going for. And, again – it could me misunderstood. Example – I am “pretty sure” it is a “K” but if my life depended on it – I might say – “um – I guess it is a “k”” I dont know if this makes sense:)

  8. Tony,

    I really like the original the best. The tall K version A, looks like a mistake and version B looks evil and angry. Stick with what you’ve got.


  9. Tony, I like the original. “B” is nice. My suggestion, go with what works for you. The younger generation would probably like “A”.
    Love to Monica and my girls!!!

  10. If you change, I would choose “B.” I think it speaks of the season we are in now – an Explosive Kingdom. That logo says “explosive”

  11. i’m glad you’re getting rid of the papyrus logo — papyrus has become somewhat ubiquitous. i see it everywhere. i think the font you use should reflect your personality and attitude. you may even want to check out myfonts.com or some other font factory to find some custom fonts that might suit you better and then you can develop a more comprehensive “brand”. that being said, i like #1 better. cleaner, simpler and it matches the other font better. the splashy brushed k is more obvious. however, there must be other options for you – would you be willing to post other explorations?…or you could use fontstruct at fontshop to create your own.

  12. Original and B are very close for me. If you want the one that is more Kreative, then that’s a subjective issue that you have to figure out what reflects that best for you.

  13. I like the original better too with B being the second choice. Course it is your logo so I support whatever you decide. If I were targeting strictly cartoonists, I might lean toward B. If I were going with b though I would change the font of the rest of the copy. It kind of doesn’t match

  14. Hmmmmmm…I really like your original. I don’t like A. But B is kinda intriguing. But then…keep in mind I’m of the older generation!

    sandy (Quarryhewn)

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