3 Sneak Preview Pages From “Angels Among Us” Project

angellordHere are 3 “Sneak Peek” pages from our soon to be released book and website, Angels Among Us“. Feel free to print and share with others:




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  1. Tony,

    If Frank Peretti’s first two novels were made into movies, your angels would be the perfect illustrations for his angels.

  2. Thanks Gimel-

    I think I’m starting to “accept” my own style, kind of how singers may say “finding my own voice”.

    I grew up admiring the fantasy illustrations of Frank Frazetta, and have recently come to the realization that his backgrounds really exemplified the “Less is More” concept. The detail in the primary images in the middle or foreground balanced the etheral, atmospheric and lesser detailed backgrounds. Yet his backgrounds were perfect for setting the tone and mood of the complete illustration.


  3. Tony, solid sketches, doc.
    Are you confident in your drawing style, yet, or do you still try to stretch the layout a little more?
    The reason I ask is because in most of your art, your background designs and colors really compliments the mood of the picture.
    It’s not just scenery, but its an atmosphere…not to sound to analytical, but I gotta learn that.

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