Artists, Aliens and Conspiracies

(To all of our fellow sci-fi, action and comic art fans)

Inspired by the statue "Lifting the Veil of Ignorance"

What if…

What if there was a race of beings that were bent on the destruction of mankind?

What if?

What if this race of beings had two unique abilities: invisibility and the power to influence the human mind?

What if?

What if this race of sinister beings used their power of influence to attack mankind, while using their invisibility to make their victims think that they didn’t even exist?

A conspiracy.

What if?

What if this enemy of the human race, also had enemies? A group that had abilities that enabled them to blow the cover off of the conspiracy?

Shedding clarity in dark places using their God-given abilities

The “light bringers”, the illustrators…

Some call them “The Illuminators”.

We call them “ARTISTS”.


Definition:  make clear; educate 

Synonyms:  better, clarify, clear up, construe, define, dramatize, edify, elucidate, enlighten, explain, expound, express, finish, give insight, gloss, illustrate, instruct, interpret, perfect, polish, shed light on

Antonyms:  cloud, complicate, dull, involve, obscure 

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8 thoughts

  1. @Gimel:
    I just might do that. At least as a potential project for 2011.

    I have one remaining goal to acheive to have met my three key targets for 2010, first.

  2. This is all true. We do have a nemesis. I have experienced how the team stupidity tries to influence my artwork and my writing. Song writers and and singers are hit the hardest (money and fame). We are superheros, the unexpected and underground kind. We must remember that as God’s children, we are aliens too. We come from heaven, and we are each on a mission individually crafted and planned out with perfection. The target, our lost brothers and sisters. The goal…”On Earth as it is in Heaven”. We are here to take our land back.

  3. Love the writing and the picture that so describes it! Sounds like a start to an awesome comic book that my grand kids would love. I’m just getting into working with the computer with my artwork. Challenging to say the least. And somehow my last piece is turning into a comic type character, The Armour of God. Looking forward to seeing where you go next with this. God Bless

  4. Gimel said:
    “Tony, its too late in the week to be this deep…
    AWESOME, post my friend!”

    LOL! That is true, sir! Too close to the weekend.
    Thanks, and Be Blessed!

  5. You totally had me thinking that this was the lead-in to a sci-fi thriller you were introducing. That was a great way to change the reader’s perspective of the enemy! That gives me some new perspective on my own sci-fi thriller 🙂

    We do have the ability to visualize the enemy for people. Interesting observation.

  6. What if…the enemy of understanding the unseen (spiritual) has worked even harder to contaminate, distort, and re-assign the vision or imaginations of future illustrators, revealers, artist…in turn, keeping them from seeing what is by distracting them from what is not.

    Because of this…they live to illustrate vain lies instead of worthy truth.
    The best way to enslave an artist…is to distort his/her heart from what is.

    Tony, its too late in the week to be this deep…
    AWESOME, post my friend!

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