3 Methods of Making Money This Christmas for Creatives

gift basketIf you want to have the BEST Christmas ever for your business this year, try these 3 concepts:

Market to the GIFT GIVER

Think about the challenges that YOU often have as a gift giver, and get your audience’s attention by helping to SOLVE those challenges. Challenges like:
1.    What to buy the person that has “everything”.
2.    What to buy the person that is just so hard to buy common things for (because of sizes, taste, etc)
3.    How to buy a gift that says “I’ve listened to you” or “I ‘get you!”
4.    How to buy a gift that is unique to or personal for that special someone.

Start by occasionally listing gift giving ideas that may NOT be products or services that you provide BUT they are seen as great ideas to your target audiences’ gift giving challenges. This positions you as a creator of content that is VALUABLE and they’ll keep coming back for that.
Give the Gift of Learning

Now, position YOUR product or service as the answer to your customers’ gift giving challenge:
Need a gift that is unique to the gift receiver? Take your service and turn it into a class that you can teach them.

Package or Re-purpose Your Product or Service

Find other products that complement your product or service and make a great gift basket.

Example: A children’s book author could create a gift basket that includes toys or small games suitable for the child that would also enjoy the book.
Don’t just limit this idea to a “basket”. Find gift cards for other products or services relevant  to what you do and to your customer and create gift BUNDLES.

Example: An author of a book on fitness could bundle their book with a gym membership gift certificate.
An artist that paints work for the home could include gift certificates or gift cards for Home Depot or Loew’s.

Share your thoughts as well as YOUR Christmas business tips and ideas by posting a comment!

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  1. Love these ideas which got me thinking of some others; make an adult coloring book with a certificate for a free Art Class, include a coupon for future discount on additional purchases.
    Design various kits for teachers bulletin boards,( having done a lot of classroom help this is a biggy) include a coupon book for students the teacher can hand out accordingly along with a coupon for referrals.
    Make a local Illustrated map of favorite spots in town(fishing, restaurants, walking trails etc) and pair it with a local souvenir and partner with some of the landmarks on your map for a great coupon book.
    Thanks for such great resources Tony.. you’ve really got me thinking ! So glad to have found your site , Blessings Annie

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