A 2 min Message to Christian Creatives: BE READY

What do all the changes in American culture mean to Christian illustrators, designers, authors, chefs, speakers, engineers, dancers, rappers, poets, actors, etc, etc, ?? A LOT!

A 2 min Message to Christian Creatives: BE READY from Tony Snipes on Vimeo.

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  1. Bro. Tony, thank you so much for this word. I too believe that this is our time as creatives. We have been hidden but Papa is going to bring us into the spotlight for His purposes, Honour and Glory as Paula Richy said we have to tread very carefully because we have to remember that it is all about Him (Papa) and not about us! Thanks again Bro. Tony for this awesome word!

  2. This past week has been nothing but a creative buzz in the spirit. God alerted me to my first assignment last weekend and it was very clear. After years of struggle this is so refreshing to be given a direct assignment.

    I’ve never heard things explained or said like this, that creatives are record keepers of the culture. Will write what you said down. Thank you VERY MUCH for this video post! God bless you!

  3. I think so, too. Lately, I’ve been coming into my own as an artist and my work is suddenly catching attention and reaching people. I’m viewing this as a time to examine myself and my motives and tread very carefully – in addition to being diligent with my art, I should also be vigilant, because on the path to doing good, there’s always something to trip you up. I expect this to be a time of great temptation coming up, as the world resists the changes coming from our corner.

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