7 Questions That Help Creatives Hear From God

endure11x14Have you ever prayed and asked God to tell you what creative direction He wants you to take? If you are like me, you will discover that many of the road signs God uses to answer that prayer are right in front of you.
Here are 7 questions that can help reveal the signs God may be using to guide your creative steps:
1. What was the last creative thing you “know” without a doubt that God directed you to do? I know you may be saying “If I knew that I wouldn’t be reading this.” But I ask this because if you think about it, you will remember an unfinished project or idea that early on you felt like you were supposed to take action on but have yet to do so.
2. The back up question to number one is “Have you done it yet?” If not, when can you plan to?
3. Where do you see God already at work around you? In his bible study series “Experiencing God”, co-author Dr. Henry Blackaby teaches the principle that God is already at work around you and He wants you to join Him in that work. What creative activity do you see in motion already around you? Have they asked you for design or artistic help?
4. What creative project has someone expressed a need for that you could be the solution to?
5. What creative task or project have you wanted to do, but you don’t have the resources to do it (time, money, people, etc)? My pastor always says “If your vision can be financed by your paycheck, then you have a pretty small vision.” What is that project or creative vision that you can’t let go of, but you know you can’t pull it off on your own?
6. What creative tasks do many find hard or challenging but you find easy? When you are “graced” to do something, you are equipped and enabled to do it with ease. Someone may be struggling with what you can handle effortlessly.
7. What creative task have you been asked to do that, to you, may be unimportant, but to someone else very important? The bible teaches us that when we can be diligent and faithful with the small things, God will give us responsibility over something more. That “pesky” design job that the children’s minister asked if you’d mind helping with could be the key that leads to your creative breakthrough.

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  1. Thanks for the great questions! Number 5 made me laugh out loud. I’m still learning to seek the Lord for this and even in the questions I have to ask. I’ve printed this out for regular reference.

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