Stop Looking for Your CALLING (video or audio)

Still not sure of what you were BORN to do? STOP LOOKING!
I went from factory worker to news media exec by finally uncovering my CALLING, PURPOSE and PASSION.

In this Periscope Live Stream, I give you the tools to do the same.
ALL YOU NEED IS: A pencil/pen, and a sheet of paper.

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  1. Wow!! Thank you, Tony for making this video!:) I also just bought one of your books to help me engage more Art Time with God. I have been drawing since age 8 and now at 32 I have felt so many other missions besides the art.
    I also have a passion to learn languages and I want to use ASL in my artwork and to communicate in that style to those who use sign language. I also studied for years on speaking Japanese and I feel that I love learning languages!!:) May God Bless you and others on this Mission for Him!!:)

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