An Untapped Revenue Stream for Creatives: TEACH What You’ve Learned

 Qbook promo2: What did the little ol’ home based piano teacher from back in the day know that many creatives don’t know in today’s modern age?
A: That you can make a REAL business by teaching what you do as well as making what you do!

It’s challenging trying to generate a steady income from your paintings, songs, poetry, comics, etc.
But just like big businesses, expanding your “product lines” to fulfill untapped needs within the market place can turn a starving artist in creative entrepreneur that finally gets paid doing something they love!
…Just like that little piano teacher!
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“An Untapped Revenue Stream for Creatives: TEACH What You’ve Learned!”

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2 thoughts

  1. One thing that’s bothered me for years has been how art has always been trashed by the churches I’ve attended. In fact, when I was getting ready to attend a Bible college in Chattanooga in 1989, our pastor flat out told me, “If you go into the Ministry, you’ll have to give up all that art stuff. It has no place in the Church.” blah, blah, blah…

    Well, I’m 56 now, and two years ago, I finally graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division in January 2014, but I still feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. And I continually get dissed about being an illustrator and graphic artist. It just seems like I can’t win.

    1. Will!

      First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishment! No matter who discouraged your careerpath, THIS IS YOUR SEASON!
      Why do I say that?
      Almost 2 years ago to this very date I wrote about “you”! Here’s what I mean (an excerpt from 2014):
      “Artists, photographers, designers and other creatives…pay close attention to what’s going on around you.
      People are responding to IMAGES more that ever before!

        Posts with pictures on Facebook get 53% more Likes than the other posts.
        Twitter tweets with images get 150% more re-tweets than those without!
        Users are more likely to connect with brands (companies) if they post pics.

      So what does this mean for creatives? Either your actual work or your creative insight will be IN DEMAND more than ever before.”

      Will! This is the season of the ILLUSTRATOR! And God is not a pratical joker! He did not usher you through school to fail and be frustrated. On the contrary, He needed to equip you for your ASSIGNMENT. And I’m sure it’s right around the corner!

      See the full post I quoted from here:

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