How To Handle Too Many Ideas (Audio)

too many ideasWhat do you do when you feel like you have TOO many ideas?
Are you “flighty” or are you demonstrating the sign of a true entrepreneur?

What do you do when you have more than one skill? Are you indecisive or truly multi-talented?

How do you handle:
Too many interests?
Too many talents?
Too many ideas?

Allow me to share the answer I discovered as I PERSONALLY struggled with the same dilemma:

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6 thoughts

  1. Hi Tony. This describes me to the T. I have known of the issue but it is hard to know which route to go. I play/write music, web design, design, writing, art, on and on. This is very helpful! You blessed me, thank you!

    1. Thank you, Eric! That’s the challenge of being multi talented. I’ve found that it pushes me to NEED to stay in God’s presence to get direction from Him. Thanks for chiming in! -Tony

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