From Warehouse Worker to Working Artist: Jason Bunner

jason bunner interview PROMO2Want to know what it looks like when you follow your passion?

It looks like “Jason Bunner”!

In this interview, Jason talks about how he left his full time 9-5 to pursue a career as a working artist!

Listen in on my brief, but exciting interview:

WATCH Jason in action teaching caricature art at the local Hobby Lobby:

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4 thoughts

    1. Hi Anthony! All seems to be working on this end. What method were you listening with on your end? That my be the issue.
      Let’s see what we can do to get you hearing that AWESOME feedback from Jason!

  1. Jason Bunner, this is awesome. I need to get back into my sketch artist gig. What you did sounds so much like what I used to do before my old van went kaput. I would set up at Civil War reenactments, etc., as a sketch artist. What did you normally charge? I was charging like $5. for kids, and $10 for adults. I’d make about $300 per event.

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