Are Christian Creatives Being Called to a ‘Culture War’?


A while back recently asked, in reference to a previous post, what I meant by “culture war”. Here’s my interpretation of The Culture War and how I believe we creatives fit within it:

Culture is defined as:
“The behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought, especially as expressed in a particular community or period. A “way of doing things” for a particular group of people”.

So, with “culture” basically being defined as the way a group of people behave; the “culture war” is when there is conflicting behavior within that society or group.

From the Christian’s perspective, we live to pattern our behavior based on what the Bible teaches. But more often, what the bible teaches about how we are to behave is the opposite of what the popular society teaches as acceptable.

Behavioral practices (culture) such as the following are classic examples of Christians believing one way and popular culture believing the polar opposite:

  • When should people have sex?
  • Who should people marry?
  • When and where is it permissible to pray?
  • When and where is it permissible to mention the name “Jesus”?

The Christian’s cultural practice is a life of asking “What does God say about it?” and then responding accordingly.
Popular society does not ask that question, and often believes those that do are “out of touch”, old-fashion or even “hateful” (e.g., concerning marriage).

What does all this have to do with Creative People?
That’s how the culture spreads! Cultural beliefs and thoughts are introduced, exemplified, then reinforced through:
What we see, what we hear, what we read, what we talk about…all things created by artists, designers, writers, musicians, actors, directors, etc.

What are YOUR thoughts concerning the “Culture War”? Post a comment:

3 thoughts

  1. Will,

    I think that your compartmentalization of fundamental Christians demonizing you as an artist is absolutely wrong.

    Although I can’t speak to the body of Christ either ignoring or excluding your skills it doesn’t negate that fact that if the collective body has formulated an opinion about demonizing the Christian artist, the question remains what are/were you using your talents for?

    Are or did you (and other “Christian artists”) compromise biblical values simply to get a job or feel relevant to the secular world? The secular world has infultrated the church and successfully convinced many including pastors that certain lifestyles are not only acceptable, but approved of by God, which is not only heresy but a sad commentary of how far gone the church is.

    Hopefully, you don’t fit into the aforementioned, but to throw the whole church in to this category is inappropriate.

    I pray that you are introspective and intellectually honest with yourself and why you came to this conclusion; and reflect on them before making such sweeping comments.

    Many blessings,


  2. Unfortunately, my thoughts concerning the “Culture War” is that the Church has largely abandoned and even demonized us artists and craftsmen for years. We’ve been left out in the cold, and looked down upon, and minimized. This is especially true within the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, and charismatic/Pentecostal type churches. They’re artistically and culturally illiterate.

    1. Thanks for chiming in. My church, although very progressive, does not have an immediate outlet for visual artists.
      It does, however, create a great platform for music, drama, dance and multimedia. But not visual art.
      There are members here who’s churches do have a form of a visual arts ministry, although it’s not the norm.

      I’ve encouraged readers here to find or even create their outlet while their local church catches up.

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