Are Galleries Still Relevant? Show Your Work Elsewhere

Are art galleries still relevant? In our modern world people have more distractions, more interruptions and less time than ever before. Studies show that the average attention span is only 8 seconds!

With all of that said, do people still make time for seeing your work in art galleries?

Although I believe galleries still have their place, I recommend putting your work in front of audiences where they are already looking and spending time.

TRY THIS: Showcasing your work as cellphone wallpaper and lockscreens:

I’ve been creating 750 x 1334 pixel jpeg images in Photoshop that fit nicely on a person’s smartphone.

Art with a nice inspirational message works very well depending on the audience, but I’ve created many that are just images I wanted to produce and showcase as cellphone wallpaper (whether the download demand was heavy or not).

Try it for yourself, then share examples here!

Here’s my latest series called “AirShps: An Artistic Salute to Tech and Industry”

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