How God Can Turn Your Book Into a Workshop…700 Miles Away!

In 2015 in South Carolina, I wrote and launched my book “God’s 7 Keys for Creative People”. Not too long after that, one of my Instagram friends (located over 700 miles away in Hollywood, FL) asks if she could use the book with a group of talented young people she was working with.

To be honest, I was just glad Taisha Smith liked the book enough to even consider using it with her students…so obviously my answer was a big YES!

Listen to how Taisha engaged these young artisans using a book and a little creativity:

Taisha Smith teaches an art group in her community called GOD’s CREATIVE PEOPLE, consisting of young artists ages 10-18, who are learning and growing in their talent as well as in their purpose in life.

Through hands-on artistic instruction, Taisha teaches her students how to look at their talent from a biblical perspective. Her young creatives learn that their unique abilities are a gift from God and can be used in His grand plan for each of their lives.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: Listen on the go, in your car, at the gym…ANYWHERE!








Go to Taisha’s “God’s Creative People” website here>>

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