WHAT IF: The Battle Against the UNSEEN! (video clip)

(YOU’LL WANT TO CRANK YOUR SPEAKERS UP for this one!) What if Creatives were the key to revealing an age-old conspiracy? What if those flighty, imaginative misfits we all know…were the key to an invisible battle for the destruction of mankind?

I talk about it during my workshop “How Creatives Impact the Culture” at Write2Ignite 2017: http://write2ignite.com/workshop-descriptions-write2ignite-2016/

WHAT IF: The Battle Against the UNSEEN! from Tony Snipes on Vimeo.

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  1. Amazing work byThomas Blackshear . Should be on art galleries all over the world. Very insperational. Would love to meet him because he is the type of person many need to hear his testimony. I’m proud of this artist.

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